Hi, I’m Karen
Here’s the story behind Little Blue Plates:

As a demo chef, I’d spent years developing gourmet recipes for my job performing cooking demos in high end appliance showrooms. Almost all of my recipes included butter, cream, bacon, and and lots of CHEESE-in order to addict people from the first bite, so they’d want to come take a closer look at the kitchen appliances.

But when I developed health problems, I was persuaded by my doctor to try a whole food, plant-based diet. I acquired a dozen plant-based recipes and began a healthy cooking frenzy. Sadly, 10 out of 12 of the recipes I tried tasted bland and flavorless. I consulted my plant-based support group and was told “Don’t worry, your taste buds will eventually change, and you’ll learn to like plant-based food.” But the demo chef in me cried out “NO! Food needs to taste good the moment you put it in your mouth! You shouldn’t have to wait for your taste buds to change to enjoy it.”

I was determined to create plant-based recipes that actually tasted good from the very first bite. Recipes that EVERYONE would want to eat- not just vegans and health fanatics. And the recipes needed to be simple to prepare and quick to make, because no one wants to spend hours and hours in the kitchen everyday just to eat healthy.   I started researching how to cook without oil. I enrolled in a plant-based cooking course. I tweaked this, I adjusted that, and finally- I began serving up truly delicious and filling plant-based food- on our family’s set of little blue dinner plates. Before long, friends and relatives, and even random people on social media started asking if I would share the recipes.  One thing lead to another and soon… LittleBluePlates.com was born.

So whether you are looking for a recipe for MEATLESS MONDAY, or just want to serve great tasting meals EVERYDAY, I know you are going to LOVE these delicious, simple recipes. Enjoy!